Medien Seminare

“Visual Storytelling in Film/Animation” Adam Habib (Pixar)

Seminar in der MD.H München zum Thema “Visual Storytelling in Film/Animation” mit Adam Habib

Visual Contrast and Story

How do we visually train the audience to empathise with our characters? We will study masterful works to understand how visual design over the course of an entire film can amplify the audience’s engagement with our characters.

Perspective and Storytelling

How do lenses affect perspective, and how can we use perspective to emphasise that audience’s emotional response to a scene? Through a combination of scene study and a live-demo, we will learn lenses inside and out.

Virtual Cinematography

What can filmmakers working in virtual environments learn from live action principles, and how can live action filmmakers leverage pre-visualisation to push the look of their projects further? We will examine how to apply the underlying principles of cinematography to create meaningful images in each medium.

About Adam Habib

(Lead Camera and Staging Artist – Pixar Animation Studios)
Adam Habib started in live action, studying cinematography at the University of Southern California.He joined Pixar Animation Studios in 2010, and has been practicing his passion for cinematography in the CG world ever since. His credits include Inside Out (Camera Lead), Finding Dory, and MonstersUniversity. He also continues to shoot live action projects, and enjoys teaching and working with students through Pixar’s technical internship program. He is currently the Director of Photography Camera of an upcoming Pixar theatrical short.